Tuesday, 30 July 2019

🌯Chicken Wraps! - TECH COOKING πŸ‘πŸ»

Today, as our normal Tuesday technology class @ Tamaki we made Chicken Wraps! A lot of us were looking forward for cooking because it was the start of Term 3. As always I was partnered with NAOMI! I will leave her blog details below so that you guys can go ahead and check our her awesome blog. Here were the ingredients used:

1. Lettuce
2. Tomatoes
3. Chicken
4. Mayonnaise
5. Tortilla Wraps

This was a very simple cooking task and was also fast. First we had to dice our lettuce and tomatoes as fine as we can get it. If your young you would need adult supervision when using a knife as I cut myself during the process :) After that Mrs Tuipulotu gave us the chicken and mayonnaise to add on our wraps. After we gathered all the ingredients, it was time to assemble! After making the wraps we then took a good bite into it. I found it very delicious as well as Naomi! Feel free to make your own wraps and you can always change it up to how you want it :)


What am I? I started off as a lonely seed, over time my lonely seed develops and grows into a beautiful green stem. To grow I need a lot of rain as it gives me the strength to increase. As this stem slowly grows I flourish as well! While I flourish I start of very ripe green colour as If I am not cooked well or still need time. At this time I am feeling hard and I look very small. Many time goes past, I have finally developed! I now look bright red with a green stem showing my connection to my seed. 
TASK DESCRIPTION: As a warm up task for our writing, Miss Tapuke decided to hold a short Quick Write comp! A Quick Write comp is where Miss Tapuke gives us a topic and a time limit to write about that specific topic. In this case, we had five minutes to write and our topic was to describe a vegetable or fruit without naming it. After our comp we shared our writing with each other and try to guess what vegetable or fruit we are describing.

Monday, 29 July 2019

What is science? πŸ§ͺ - Note Taking πŸ“

WALT:  identify key information in a text
Task Description: Just to keep some of you people a fresh reminder, our theme for this term (term 3) is 'Something in the water'. This term we are studying the living things and in team 5 we are tackling the question How are all living organisims connected? Our reading task is called What is science? We are learning to take notes when reading a trans script. We have to use the proccess of studying the paragrah, making a heading and picking out the 'trigger words'. Here is my note taking on the video/transcript of What is science? I found this very easy the more paragraphs I did. I hope you are satisfied with this blog post, and please remember to leave some feedback! 

Friday, 26 July 2019

Measurement Reminiscence πŸ“➗

WALT:  calculate area and perimeter
Task Description: This week for maths we are working on measurements. Touching on this topic is very interesting. I learnt a lot of maths during this session. In one of our slides we had to convert the fractions between decimals and percentages. We also did the area and perimeter of rectangles, as well as measurements. Enjoy!

Tree of Life 🌴

Tree Of Life πŸŒ΄ - Charles Darwin

Part of our learning theme for this term is about the Tree Of Life. The tree of life was created by Charles Darwin who researched many things. In 1835, Charles Darwin discovered that everything living is connected. As animals grow they change over time so they can survive. Some of these animals came from the bottom of the ocean and soon came out of the water and adapted to the world around them. Our task was to put all the missing parts in the Tree Of Life in order and then glue them on.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Making Mini Quiches! Tech Cooking with Mrs Tuipulotu 🍳

Today for technology @ tamaki, we made Mini Quiches! Mrs Tuipulotu was our cooking teacher for the time period and I was excited to be partnered with Naomi! These are the instructions and ingredients for our Mini Quiches:

Step 1 - Whish 4 eggs with 1 cup of milk into one bowl
Step 2 - Dice the ham
Step 3 - Add cheese and ham to one separate bowl
Step 4 - Line up the pastry into your muffin tray
Step 5 - Pour in liquid mixture and Cheese & Ham into the pastry
Step 6 - Prop your baking tin into the oven, turn the heat to 180D for 20 minutes!



Monday, 22 July 2019

Amelia - How do we know if something is alive?

 Task Description: Yes! Were back @ school and we have a new term of learning! This term our theme is Something in the water! He Mea I Roto I Te Wai! This is a science inquiry and for our class inquiry is How do we know if something is alive. We learnt what makes things alive on the mat together and then fulfil this presentation above where we elaborate more on what it means and what things are alive or not alive around us. Enjoy!

Friday, 5 July 2019


Task Description: This term we have learnt a whole lot of things! Part of our learning is making DLO's where we travel around different continents and/or countries around the world. First, we had to draw a world map on Hyperstudio as a guide. We then choose three or more different landmarks in countries. The next step to our DLO is to go to Scratch (a online website where you can code) and code our drawings to make it look like we are travelling the world πŸŒŽ

This is my finishing animation. All you need to do is press the green flag and let me do the talking! Once it's finish or if you want to stop it press the red button. I really enjoyed making this DLO and I have learnt many, many things while doing this - Continents, Coding and Drawing. I hope you enjoy this DLO.