Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Maths ~ Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Today for maths, I decided to attend a workshop just so I can get a better understanding of our maths topic for this week. Today I learnt about Mean, Median Mode and Range as you can see above this picture of my working our above. I our workshop Mrs Stone gave a full explanation about each word and I observed it by writing it down on my maths book. One of the words I was most interested in was Mode and Range. I learnt that teachers use Range a lot in teaching when it comes to looking at what level his/her's students currently at. Mode is when one number always comes up multiple times. Well, this is what I have learnt so far and I might blog more about this throughout the week :) 

Monday, 29 April 2019

Term 2 - Immersion Assembly πŸ‘πŸ‘

YESSSS! We're back at school. Everyone is feeling great and happy to start a new term Term 2! I myself was very excited to see my friends after a holiday that felt like will never end. Me and my friends have had a great start together and it feels awesome.

To kick off this term, We started with an Immersion Assembly. Immersion Assembly is when the whole school comes together and the the teachers get to present in any way the brand new theme for this term. I wasn't nervous about anything because I knew it was going to be awesome. The theme for this term is I Like Your Latitude!

All teams had very great ways to present what their going to learn about. Team 1's main topic for this term is about bee's and how they can produce things like fruit which helps us live. Team 2 get to have fun treasure hunts and Team 3 is creating fun pick a path stories where you get to choose your own path in a story. Team 4 is mainly focusing on navigation. I was interested in their little skit because they used olden day material instead of a GPS. Finally the best team, my team, TEAM 5 had a great act where one teacher got to visit continents. We are learning about where different country are.

This term a country I really want to learn about is South Korea. Their are a lot of conflicts in that area which I want learn a lot more about and their is also K-POP that is slowly taking over the world by storm. One of my favourite bands is BTS. Overall I am really excited to learn more about countrys this term!

Friday, 26 April 2019

My holidays so far.......

:) Hello fellow viewer,

At the moment my holidays have been doing very fine. To be honest it's not as fun as school but I do enjoy the fact that we get to have a break from homework :) (hehehe). Anyways, This holiday I have mostly just been talking to my friends online and preparing for our church annual White Sunday coming up the following week so to me their is really nothing big that we have been doing. That is pretty much what all I have done this past holiday and I think right now I am just trying to make the most of the holidays and getting back into school mood. 

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

EXT ~ Treaty of Waitangi Game Design Process

Task Description: For the past few weeks the Year 7&8 Extension Students got to focus on making educational games that can help teach student about the Treaty of Waitangi. Keep in mind we don't actually get to make the games because we don't have time and were really busy. Our task was to come up with at least two games that would be successful.

On top of this task description is a presentation I have created a presentation showing what I have come up with. After a lot of thinking my two game designs were a kahoot quiz games and an online amazing race (treaty of waitangi theme). In the presentation you would see what game I chose out of the two and why I chose it. I hope you enjoy this presentation!

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Drama ~ Book Update 1 :)

Kia Ora Blog viewers! Last week, Point England School were very lucky to receive Duffy Books for free! Before all of this, We actually got to pick our books and what we wanted to read. After finally receiving our two Duffy Books everyone in Room 4 have been doing a whole lot of reading!

One of two books I have chosen is called DRAMA! I chose this book because I love how in the description the drama happens off and on set which is really cool/crazy. So far, I have read a little bit and oh boy! the drama is already boiling up. Right now I am focusing on the main character named Callie who loves theatre. For now from what I have read I think that what's best for her is to dial the drama down because it's really crazy.

*I will be posting more reviews about this book the more I read.

QUESTION: Have you read this book before? If so, please tell me what you thought about it and no spoilers please!?