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SLJ W1 D5 A1/2/3 Blink and You'll Miss It

Day 5: Blink and You’ll Miss It

(Dear helpers of SLJ I am sorry that I haven't been posting some blog-posts I've just been quite busy these holidays. Just to let you know I will not be blogging on Sundays because I got church and other things I need to be at. Thank for taking you time to read my blog-posts though! Cheers, Amelia.)

Activity 1: Towering Timbers

Sharing my opinion towards logging
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To be very honest I don’t know whether we should even ban logging or not. The usual answer would be “yes!” we shall band logging. But, the more I think about it’s actually very hard for me to find an exact answer about this problem. Therefore I have decided to write two reasons why logging should be banned and another two talking about why we shouldn’t band logging.

Why we shouldn’t ban logging:

1. Even if we don’t band logging there is still going to be benefits about it. For those who think logging should be illegal look at the house you are living in than ask yourself “Should we actually be banding logging?”. If you knew it or not tree’s help design the things that are around you. For example Your house, the medicine you’re taking when you're sick, The newspaper and a whole lot of other useful items.

2. Logging is a hard job that you have to put a lot of effort into that is provided to us people. When people think about banning logging they forget that people have a job as a logger. As a result, It’s actually not fair to just take the employees jobs away from them because it’s not that easy to find a new job and you never know if they are struggling with money.

Why we should ban logging:

1. There are many consequences when it comes to logging. Believe it or not if there were completely no trees in the world we probably wouldn’t survive at all. Why you say so? Because trees produce many resources to keep us alive and the world safe. For example, Trees provide healthy food like nuts and fruits especially apples, pears, peaches and cherries. Trees also supply air, soil and water depending on what role the trees play

2. Secondly we should ban logging the reason for this is that when loggers do there job they create these huge patches. Most of the time these patches get ruled over by manufactures who design different gadgets from factories. Adding on to that, yes factories do help create stuff but, the bad side to it is that it creates air pollution which introduces poison or fumes to earth's atmosphere in a way that makes it harmful to humans.

Activity 2: Living on the edge

Writing a letter to Makayla

For this task we learnt about a place called Tundra. Our task was to write a letter to anyone we want then gather all the information about what we've learnt and put it in a formation of a letter. I found this task very easy because I found very interesting information about Tundra.

Activity 3: Going, Going….gone

Life In Aotearoa

Friday, 28 December 2018

SLJ W1 D4 A1/2/3 More than meets the eye

Day 4: More than meets the eye

Activity 1: Scaling Heights

Interviewing Sir Edmund Hillary
Did you have other dreams you wanted to conquer?
How long did it take you to prepare for the huge day!?
Who was you number 1 supporter throughout your climbing journey?
Any insparations? (Anyone who inspired to do what you do?)
How did it feel when you finally reached the very top of Mt Everest?
Activity 2: Pancakes and Maple Syrup?

How to make Otai

For this task we were instructed to to show how to make our favourite food! One of my favourite food is Otai. Most people think that it is just a beverage but it does involve a lot of chewing. I have provided the steps and instructions above in the presentation about how you can make Otai. I hope you try out the recipe and if you do tell me how it tastes below!-
Activity 3: Salt and Pepper
My Hotel Room!
Where would I build my hotel? If I were to build my hotel anywhere I would construct it near a quiet peaceful beach because I believe that my customers should have there own open space away from building or any distraction.

What would I use to build my hotel? When I build my hotel I would make it from scratch. To build it I would use very strong brick because I want my hotel to be tall and wide so it can hold it's place. 

If I were to design my own hotel room I would create it like this. For my hotel I decided to go simple but still amazing. First I would make a nice cosy bed with a few pillows so that the customer can feel like they are home. I added a TV the points directly to the bed so that they can have entertainment when ever they want. I also added a working station therefor they can get some work finished or hop on there computer. To make the guest feel absolutely special I added a balcony so that they can relax with a amazing view. 

Monday, 24 December 2018

SLJ W1 D3 A1/2/3 Awesome Animals

Day 3: Awesome Animals

Activity 1: Fantastic Beasts

Creating my own beast and Description
For this task me and Lillyana decided to collaborate. Instead of just writing a description we decided to draw our beast as well. Having just a description and a drawing of a wild beast we thought that we could create a little animation to go with our creation. Enjoy!

Activity 2: The Secretive Skink

I think I would definitely love to be a DOC Ranger (Department Of Conservation Ranger). Learning about it and listing the positive things kinda persuaded myself to become one. As you read on the PMI I made being is that when being a DOC Ranger you have permission to live in beautiful place that has amazing landscapes! That’s one reason why I would like to become a DOC Ranger what about you? Would you like to be a DOC Ranger? Let me know leaving a positive comment down below.
Image result for WWF logo
Image Attribution
Activity 3: The WWF: World Wildlife Fund

Saving Freshwater Seals

There is a worldwide company that has been working on the main goal to save defend the living on earth and especially animals. This company that is working very hard is called The World Wildlife Fund. My job is to watch a short clip from the organisation and talk about how they save their animals.

There are many animals is the sea that they the WWF have been working on but the one I am going to be giving a little information about is the Freshwater Seals! (Did You Know that there is only about 360 individual seals left in our planet?)

Freshwater Seals are in severe danger and the organisation is    trying there very best to protect the Seals. They are helping these endangered species by building snowbanks. Snowbanks are like a lair. When the seals are born they are born on open ice. Some cubs die because they are born into a very cold environment and some of them don’t have much time to live. So, they need protection like the snow banks so they could hide from predators and stay away from the terrible coldness.

I think that the company has had great success with this program. The work they have done by building snowbanks looks like it’s going to pay off because of the great collaboration and hard work they have put into this. I’m sure we do not want any more of these beautiful cubs dying so a big massive thank you to the WWF company for putting a lot of effort into this!

Thursday, 20 December 2018

SLJ W1 D2 A1/2/3 Forest Life

Activity 1: Giants Among Us

Do I want to visit Tane Mahuta (a Kauri Tree) in real life?
Image result for tane mahuta
Many people have visited the amazing tree and they had their own opinions. Some said it was bad, others had high ratings and a few folks said it was okay. After doing a lot of searching for the I think that I wouldn’t want to go to the Kauri Tree. I heard that you have to take a little walk just to get to the destination and to be very honest I’m not that kind of person that likes being surrounded by bushes and trees and sometimes I need my personal space. Why? Well, I’ve had some bad experience in the forest. (story time) One time I was going on a hike and it was very steep. Somehow I could not control my feet and I went zooming past my friends and I fell and hurt my hip. Overall I do think that it’s a very beautiful tree but I wouldn't like to visit Tane Mahuta.

Activity 2: Fabulous Ferns!

I have created a little presentation below of my opinion about NZ sports teams uniforms. My job was to talk about each uniform and what I like about it then choose out of all of them which one was the best and why? Enjoy!

Activity 3: Weird and Wonderful

Cactus Maths Problem

For this task we were given a maths equation and we had to solve using our own knowledge. Click then read the image below to find out how I solved the Cactus Maths Problem.

Task Description: This is Day 2 of my activities for Summer Learning Journey 2018 - 2019. Today work is called Forest Life. The three activities I have completed above are about giving my own opinions on things and solving maths problems. To complete this I followed all the instructions on the Summer Learning Journey site were all the weekly activities were posted. I hope you enjoy reading today's work. Stay tuned for more posts!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

SLJ W1 D1 A1/2/3 In The Beginning!

Activity 1: The Legend Of New Zealand

Top 3 Facts about Aotearoa (New Zealand)
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1. If you’ve been to New Zealand you might have heard about a city called Auckland. Believe it or not, it is the largest city in New Zealand and its population is 1.614 million which was estimated in 2016. Even though this is the largest city in New Zealand Wellington still stands as the capital city of New Zealand. But, Auckland is still well known for there beautiful beaches like Mission Bar. Near the beach is the volcanic island Rangitoto and last but not least the amazing sky tower.
Image result for sky tower
2. Speaking of the sky tower it is located in Auckland city at the corner of Victoria and Federal streets. The construction started in 1994 and was open to the public in 1997. It is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world without any kind of support with a whopping height at 328 meters. This makes it the highest tower in the southern hemisphere.  
Image result for helen clark
3. Way back in the olden days a lot of people (mainly men) believed that women don’t have any kind of power to rule. Many women fought for their rights by marching on the streets and holding up signs. New Zealand changed all of that by being the first country to let a woman rule and have the power in very important roles. Examples: Helen Clark - Prime Minister, Sian Elias - Chief Justice and Dame Silvia Cartwright - Governor General.

Activity 2: North and South

What is so special about Auckland?
Image result for auckland
Everyone has their own special reason about where they live. Maybe it’s because it has amazing restaurants and cafes or because it has lovely locals! This is why I am very proud to call Auckland my home. I think Auckland is very special because it's where I and my beautiful siblings were born and raised. But that's not all Auckland has very creative and talented people at our public art centre Te Oro that do things like culture dancing. Another reason why I am so excited to call Auckland my hometown because of our tremendous sky tower at a height of 328 meters! There are many other reasons why I love my hometown but these I just a few. I hope some of you enjoy this and might want to visit Auckland. Trust me it’s cool!

Activity 3: Ice, Ice Baby

Leaving a Positive Digital Footprint online:
For this task I had to make a little poster about leaving a positive digital footprint online. I used google draw to write inside foot how to create a positive digital footprint and what to do to stay smart online. I also thought the foot was a little plain so I decorated it with a blue colour. Remember to stay safe online kids!

Task Description: Yes! School's out and holidays are in. I am participating in the Summer Learning Journey 2018 - 2019. I am very ecstatic to be joining this holiday program. This years theme is 'The World Around Us'. I don't know the exact meaning but i'll try to find out. Everyday I will be posting different activities. Today these activities are mainly about facts about New Zealand and leaving a positive footprint online. Stay tuned for more posts!