Thursday, 20 December 2018

SLJ W1 D2 A1/2/3 Forest Life

Activity 1: Giants Among Us

Do I want to visit Tane Mahuta (a Kauri Tree) in real life?
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Many people have visited the amazing tree and they had their own opinions. Some said it was bad, others had high ratings and a few folks said it was okay. After doing a lot of searching for the I think that I wouldn’t want to go to the Kauri Tree. I heard that you have to take a little walk just to get to the destination and to be very honest I’m not that kind of person that likes being surrounded by bushes and trees and sometimes I need my personal space. Why? Well, I’ve had some bad experience in the forest. (story time) One time I was going on a hike and it was very steep. Somehow I could not control my feet and I went zooming past my friends and I fell and hurt my hip. Overall I do think that it’s a very beautiful tree but I wouldn't like to visit Tane Mahuta.

Activity 2: Fabulous Ferns!

I have created a little presentation below of my opinion about NZ sports teams uniforms. My job was to talk about each uniform and what I like about it then choose out of all of them which one was the best and why? Enjoy!

Activity 3: Weird and Wonderful

Cactus Maths Problem

For this task we were given a maths equation and we had to solve using our own knowledge. Click then read the image below to find out how I solved the Cactus Maths Problem.

Task Description: This is Day 2 of my activities for Summer Learning Journey 2018 - 2019. Today work is called Forest Life. The three activities I have completed above are about giving my own opinions on things and solving maths problems. To complete this I followed all the instructions on the Summer Learning Journey site were all the weekly activities were posted. I hope you enjoy reading today's work. Stay tuned for more posts!


  1. Morena Amelia

    I just finished reading your day two blog. What a great post to start my day with! You have put so much thought and effort into each of the activities.

    After a fall like that down a hill it is no surprise that you wouldn’t want to go and walk to Tāne Mahuta. Were you able to walk after you fell or did you need to be carried out. I go on bush walk all the time and fall over constantly. I once fell over, landed in mud on my bottom then tried to stand up and fell over again but this time on my front. I was COVERED in mud!

    I really like the reason you gave for picking the Silver Ferns’ uniform as your favourite. It makes it a lot easier to watch the sport when you can see the position of each player. Do you play netball? If so, what is your position? I used to play when I was your age and was always WD or GD.

    Keep up the great blogging. I look forward to your next post.

    1. Kia Ora Izzy!

      Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm sorry I haven't been replying to your comments lately.

      I was still able to walk after that but my hip was badly bruised and scraped a little bit. It's nice to hear that you go on bush walks and there is no lie that people fall down during the walk. Don't worry Izzy I feel what your going through!

      Yes! I use to play Netball for my school but this year I decided to have a rest off of Netball so I can focus more on my school work. My main positions were Center and Wing Defence. It's good to hear that you play Wing Defence and Gold Defence. Sounds like you are really good at defending your team!

      Anyways thanks for the wonderful comment Izzy.