Monday, 24 December 2018

SLJ W1 D3 A1/2/3 Awesome Animals

Day 3: Awesome Animals

Activity 1: Fantastic Beasts

Creating my own beast and Description
For this task me and Lillyana decided to collaborate. Instead of just writing a description we decided to draw our beast as well. Having just a description and a drawing of a wild beast we thought that we could create a little animation to go with our creation. Enjoy!

Activity 2: The Secretive Skink

I think I would definitely love to be a DOC Ranger (Department Of Conservation Ranger). Learning about it and listing the positive things kinda persuaded myself to become one. As you read on the PMI I made being is that when being a DOC Ranger you have permission to live in beautiful place that has amazing landscapes! That’s one reason why I would like to become a DOC Ranger what about you? Would you like to be a DOC Ranger? Let me know leaving a positive comment down below.
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Image Attribution
Activity 3: The WWF: World Wildlife Fund

Saving Freshwater Seals

There is a worldwide company that has been working on the main goal to save defend the living on earth and especially animals. This company that is working very hard is called The World Wildlife Fund. My job is to watch a short clip from the organisation and talk about how they save their animals.

There are many animals is the sea that they the WWF have been working on but the one I am going to be giving a little information about is the Freshwater Seals! (Did You Know that there is only about 360 individual seals left in our planet?)

Freshwater Seals are in severe danger and the organisation is    trying there very best to protect the Seals. They are helping these endangered species by building snowbanks. Snowbanks are like a lair. When the seals are born they are born on open ice. Some cubs die because they are born into a very cold environment and some of them don’t have much time to live. So, they need protection like the snow banks so they could hide from predators and stay away from the terrible coldness.

I think that the company has had great success with this program. The work they have done by building snowbanks looks like it’s going to pay off because of the great collaboration and hard work they have put into this. I’m sure we do not want any more of these beautiful cubs dying so a big massive thank you to the WWF company for putting a lot of effort into this!


  1. Kia ora Amelia,

    It is so great to have you back for another summer of blogging! I always love your posts. They are always entertaining, creative, thoughtful and completed to a high standard. You are setting the bar very high once again this year!

    I love it that you and Lillyana have collaborated on the first activity and posted copies of both of your beasts. I must admit that your beast sounds pretty scary. I wouldn't want to meet him in real life. Yikes!

    I also really appreciated the way that you provided Pros (Pluses), Cons (Minuses) and Interesting facts for the second activity. It is important for us to note that not everything is positive or negative. Instead, some facts or statements can be neutral. I found it interesting to read that you would like to become a DOC ranger. I think that it would be a very rewarding job, although quite challenging as you are working outside in difficult environmental conditions sometimes. I am currently sitting here looking out at the rain and thinking that it would be a hard day to be a DOC ranger today, working in such wet conditions!

    I hope that you have the chance to pursue your dream job one day. Do you have any ideas of what that might be? Is it the same as it was last summer or have you changed your mind? My son (Aronui) used to want to become a pilot but now he is talking about becoming an architect. I wonder what his final career choice will be. Given that he's only eight, he has a few more years to figure it out!

    Wishing you and your entire whanau a really happy holiday season and a great new year. I'll look forward to coming back to read through your posts. We have a great team of commenters working with Pt England this year so you can expect lots of comments to come from Sophie, Patricia, Lee or Izzy!

    Take good care,

    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Amelia Justice here. love how you decided to do a collaboration and make an animated fight since instead if just
    Doing the discretion that they wanted you to do. Keep it up.

  3. Amelia your blog posts are always a delight to read. Well done for your creativity and your collaboration on this post. I did particularly enjoy the animation.
    Mrs Burt