Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cross country :)

IMG_0272.jpg“ On your marks get set goooo” yelled Mr burt  with a booming voice.

On a lovely sunny Monday it was Cross Country. I was sooo excited but very nervous. I was all fit and steady to run. It was a spectacular day.

Pt England school had to wear our varied house colours. The colours were called Takitimu (yellow), Matatua (green), Te rawa ( red ) and Tainui ( blue ) there were 4 house colours. My colour was Matatua (green) it was the best colour.

When it was time for me to run I was nervous and excited. Before Mr Burt said “on your marks get set gooo”. I was in the right position. With my strongest leg in the front and my normal leg at the back. So when Mr burt said. “On your marks get set goooo”. I sprinted off with powerful legs. I was so proud of myself.

As soon as I ran past the trees and came running to the end I saw Jorelle running next to me. When we saw the finish line we sprinted together but we came 5th equal. Me and jorelle came in a tie I ran to my mum and dad and they said I came 5th with jorelle.

I was filled with joy when I came 5th.  Even though I didn’t come 1st, 2nd or 3rd I’m still proud of myself.


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