Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Today I am going to talk about the Ankylosaurus the famous dino. The Ankylosaurus was in the late cretaceous period, 146 to 60 million years ago. It is a plant eater so that means it is a Herbivore. Did you know that Ankylosaurus means: Stiff Lizard. Because Ankylo means Stiff and Saurus is a ending of some other dinos. So Saurus means Lizard.

The Ankylosaurus has heaps of things stuck to its itself. It gots a bulky club on its tail. It’s club was made out of fat and blood. The Ankylosaurus has rows of plates on its back.  Its eyelids have bony plates such as its back. In some areas of a Ankylosaurus there a bony parts sticking out. It is slow moving like a turtle and it has no teeth. It is 8.9m long like a school bus. The Ankylosaurus is 4 tonnes and it's 8.5 feet wide.

An Ankylosaurus has many ways to keep it secure and protect itself. Its bulky club on its tail keeps it protected because when there is danger it flaps its bulky tail and its scares away other dinosaurs. The rows of plates on its back secures it itself. When a dino comes and sneaks
behind its back it leans back and its spiky plates cut though its body. These are one of the ways how it keeps it secured and protected.

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