Thursday, 19 November 2015


T-Rex was the mighty dinosaur king. T-Rex was in the late Cretaceous period,145 to 65 million years ago. The T-Rex is a Carnivore so that means it is a meat eater,a dinosaur that's a meat eater. Its name means tyrant lizard king.

Every dinosaur starts out small no matter if it's big or powerful it starts out very small. A  T-Rex is very gentleness to its siblings. The T-Rex takes care of the baby T-rex’s nest. A T-Rex keeps track of the baby T-rex’s progress. It keeps it healthy and hydrated. Some T-Rex’s are gentle and kind and some are ruff and tuff. So a T-Rex is kind and mean.

Some other dinosaurs are scared of a tiny T-Rex’s because when they grow to a big T-Rex they get scared because when the babies grow up they can get beaten up. A T-Rex is big and wide it teeth is serrated kind of like a serrated knife every single teeth of a T-Rex is a size of a small banana. Its hands are small and it claws are spiky. Its tail is long.

A T-Rex has a better sense of smell than all the animals in the whole wide world that have lived. When the sense of smell goes into their brain it keeps track of where it's going. The nose is 10 inches apart. It uses it smell to find meat.

A T-Rex is smart and intelligent it has a lot of interesting things. T-Rex was actually a mighty dinosaur.  

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