Monday, 3 August 2015

My Holiday

In the holidays it was my sisters birthday on Sunday the 19 of july I can’t wait to show my sisters present !!!. On my sisters birthday my dad and I kept a secret about her cake. But she kept on begging me to tell her “Please Please Please”,My sister said. I said, “Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin” !!! .

Well my sister was waiting for something my cousin rang to say happy birthday to her so as her little sister she was funny. I gave the phone to my sister so she can talk. My sister telled my cousin if she wants to come and she said, “sure”.

After that me and my dad  went to pick up the cake well my sister,brother,mum and my grandpa stayed home. Me and my dad went to by my sisters birthday cake at Otahuhu bakery that bakery also makes birthday cakes.

I asked my dad if I can open the box to see the cake and he said yes. So I opened the box and the cake was beautiful. It had creamy whipped cream around the edge of the cake. The bakery shop wrote with white icing Happy 11th birthday Loseli Falepua Halaufia. The cake was gorgeous.

When we got home I saw my cousin sitting next to my sister at my house she came with her little funny sister. We talked and talked and went on my sisters chromebook. Next we celebrated my sisters birthday starting of with lighting up the candles there were 11 candles.
We sang happy birthday to my sister then blowed the 11 candles my sister couldn't blow her cake because she had a broken leg. She decided that my little brother or little cousin can blow her candle.the candles were very hard to blow but then my little brother blowed it.

After all that blowing we said a prayer for my sisters birthday. We read our speech and ate some cake. I said, “YUMMY”. I loved my sunday holiday !!!.

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