Thursday, 6 August 2015


What is a Firefighter well I’m going to tell you what a Firefighter is!!!

What do firefighters do to save our people in NZ ?

Firemen & fire women help people who are at risk o injury or in a fiery house. But the most important thing is when they save the people from death. That is why firefighters are superheroes.

What Clothing Do Firefighters Wear ?

Firemen & Fire Women wear a special helmet to keep there heads safe from fire. They also wear an oxygen mask  so they can breath oxygen out of there mouth the oxygen mask is also called a breathing apparatus. The firefighters breath from a tank called the oxygen tank , They wear fire proof clothes so fires cant touch there clothing.

How do you become a good firefighter ?

New Firefighters learn from old firefighters. They sit a test so they can see if there are fit enough and learn like school kids. The things be good at is maths, literacy and writing. Firefighters sit physical tests and fitness to see if they are strong enough. They also have an interview.

Fire Fighter Characteristics

As a firefighter you have to be a brave person with encouragement so you can be able to work in a positive work space.  When you are a firefighter you have to be very good in lots of different things It’s not that easy. It’s like when you are saving someone from are burning house.  A strong firefighter is like when you have courage to carry people around with injuries, or when someone's in a serious accident.  Firefighters work as team players so they can get more jobs done faster. Getting your jobs done faster lets you be able to save more lives.

Being a firefighter is not a dull job, it's a good job because you might get a award for being a lifesaver. That's why I want to be a strong trustworthy and a teamplayer. These are characteristics that help you be a spectacular firefighter.

I feel like if I was a firefighter I would be proud of myself if I would save someone's life. I would love to be a fire firefighter because I want to save someone's life!!

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