Thursday, 28 May 2015

The switch

The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.

Once There was a man walking around after eating his yummy food.He stopped by and he saw his tie was dirty.The man slurped and spat on his tie to make it clean.

Strolling along a box came out of nowhere came and hit his  head  and he fell on to the ground  he came back up and wanted to fight it but then he saw tons of boxes and he was like what the hell.He saw an solid box and he started to get furious he punch the box and it did not break.

The man had an idea he saw a tower of boxes.He climbed it and he jumped on the solid box and he bumped his head on the ground.The man took a look to see what was under the sugar cube the man found a red button.He think it’s was dangerous so he think again without thinking it is dangerous He press the button.

The box strange whirring and the man bounced back like and yoyo.He touched the box and he was drowning but the box was sucking him up.First the box his arm was sucking him up but he pulled it out and his legs were next but what he did not know that the rest of the boxes were people inside then he was all sucked up and he was completely disappeared.
by Amelia.

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