Thursday, 14 May 2015


Marshmallows from Ringling College of Art + Design on Vimeo.

On a cloudy, peaceful, warm night, a young boy called Jimmy was sitting in the dark forest.His camp was set up near a lake He was roasting white marshmallows by the sizzling fire.The boy was all alone.

While Jimmy was roasting the marshmallows he heard big stomps behind him. He turned around and there was a monster. Jimmy saw the monster with big pointy teeth, mysterious yellow glowing eyes and  a slimy green colour.The boy was feeling scared.

Feeling frightened,Jimmy got his stick as though it was a sword and swiped it at the monster’s face. Suddenly the monster had a transformation, he turned into a nice puppy so he could get the marshmallow. Jimmy threw tonnes of  marshmallows at the monster whenever he performed his tricks.

The boy gasped when he realised that he had only one more marshmallow left. It was in his hand. The monster saw the marshmallow then suddenly he slurped Jimmy's hand up and ate the marshmallow. Jimmy now had no marshmallows. The monster reverted  into a scary monster became furious and started to chase Jimmy!

As he was running Jimmy stumbled. “Oh no the monster is going to eat me,” Jimmy thought. He glanced  over at his tent  and  he  found a pillow and he thinked that will do Jimmy fitched the pillow to an other direction then the monster ran to the direction and it was marshmallow heaven.

The boy ran into the woods and never come back. The monster saw him and he didn’t care about Jimmy. He walked to the sizzling fire and roast the pillow he thought that it was a marshmallow.He roast it and puffed into ashes poor monster.The End

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