Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Rubric score for Extension!

Rubric Score Reflection:

After reading the rubric I found out that my score was 27. I thought that the scores were fair because the people in my group scored around 20 to 27. I think that being the leader of my group helped me improve my score by taking idea’s from the people in my group and making a great project. I scored a 5 in my performance contribution to the production. My goal for that is to stay there and help others get a 5 too! For Collaboration I think that we did well but I think that we should work harder together at a team so that we could get a 5. In the paideia seminar I contributed a lot. My goal for that is to not just encourage the people that are not in my group but to encourage the people in my group because two of them only got a 2 in the paideia seminar. Now I’ve learnt the things that I need to improve at and how I did in the rubric!

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