Monday, 21 August 2017

Picture Book Writing!

Walt: Write for younger audience.

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Bam! I land on Venus. Well this is really hot! Hotter than Mercury well that’s no fun. Ouch I hurt my bottom well that was really dumb! It’s so bright up here what am I going to do? Stay up here well that's going to be a no! At night time I heard that it is very cold! Lucky it’s not night time. I would prefer a better planet. Here we go, I’m movin on!

Like the story! Read the whole story here

Task Description: Today Room 7 is working on a big project! We are writing a story for the younger ones in our school. Since our theme for this Term is space we had to write the story based on someone going to space. In order for the little ones to understand we had to try and use words that kids can understand. We are making 5 picture books from each group. We have to go to each others blog and read each others piece of writing. After we've chosen the story there will be the writers, the illustrators and the designers! Then that will be the end of our project! 

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