Thursday, 24 August 2017

Advice Blog!

Walt: About the sun
Task description: Today for Literacy Room 7 is helping Chris Yoddle to find information about the sun. We had to read two articals about the sun. We had to write a reply back to Chris who is helping his little sister with her solar system homework. So we gathered information for Chris. We also had to answer his questions. Thats all for Today!


  1. Hi Amelia i like reading this EPIC advice me and my partner was reading to get more info about the sun you told me lots about the sun. Keep up the good work

    Keep on posting

  2. Dear Amelia,
    I really liked the way you where helping Chris with her little sister you gave him and his little sister lots of great advice and that was really polite of you to help Chris with his little sisters home work and it was a very good choice to do that, so keep up the great work and keep posting very good post,bye.

    From Ayla