Friday, 18 March 2016

Little red riding wolf - (Retold by Amelia)

Walt: retell a story with a significant twist

Once in a far away mysterious land  there lived a wolf who loved his grandma wolf. The little wolf's name was little good riding wolf who wore a red sparkly soft cape. One day momma wolf said to little good riding,”Please take some meat to wise old granny wolf because she is sick”.”OK”, said little good riding wolf. Mummy wolf said,”Remember not to talk to strangers and do not pick flowers. So little good riding wolf went off!.

little good riding wolf was walking, walking and walking until she smelled the the lovely sight of flowers she said to herself,”I might pick some flowers for wise old granny”. But what she did not know is there was a Big bad little girl was stalking little good riding wolf. After little good riding wolf finished picking the flowers. Wooosh Just then Big bad little girl appears. Little good riding wolf was frightened,”Oh No”said Little good riding wolf. Big bad little girl said,”Where are you going”. Little good riding wolf said,”I’m going to my wonderful granny”. Big bad little girl said,”Where is her house”. Little good riding wolf said,”Just right there”. So Big bad little girl ran to Little good riding wolf's house as fast as he can.

Just then Big bad little girl got to granny’s house. Big bad little girl knocked on the door and said in a delightful voice, “grandma” I’m here. Granny said,”OH come in come in come in”. Just the Big bad little girl broke through the door and ate granny all up poor granny! The after he ate granny all up she decided to wear granny clothing. She wore her high heels, Dress and glasses. After that he went inside granny's bed and cuddled up.
After a few seconds Little good riding wolf knocked on the door and said,”Granny I’m here”. Big bad little girl said in a delightful voice again,”Oh come in”. As Little good riding wolf walked into the house he said,”What what what big eyes you have”. Big bad little girl said,”The better to see you”. Little good riding wolf said,”What big claws you have?”. “The better to cut people”, said big bad little girl. At the bit it started to get scary and scary. Little good riding wolf said,”What sharp teeth you have”. “The better to eat you all up”, said Big bad little girl. Just the he jumped out of the bed and started to chase Little good riding wolf. Just then a man who was chopping trees down saw the victim. Then he sprang into action and took some of his chopped wood and sliced the big bad little girl. She fell into piles of wood and spewed out granny. Then they gave grandma some tea and they threw big bad little girl into the wood. After that they lived happily ever after.


Task Description: This is the story of little red riding wolf with a twist. As you can see we have twisted the story to make it more interesting. We started of with planing on what we are going to do and here it is. Hope you enjoy it! 


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