Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Comic Writing

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing. 

Bam! Black Canary starts fighting Brick and blocks Brick with ice around his legs BLOCK! . Then Green Arrow zooms in  to join. He says,”Hey I’m gonna try my new arrows out”. Black Canary said,”Are you sure? Before your arrows weren’t safe and almost destroyed us”. Green Arrow replied,” Well this is safeish”. “Fine”, said Black Canary. CRACK Green Arrow unblocks the ice. Ok First of all Helium Arrow. Woosh Brick went flying in the air Mightest Arrow Stomp. Then Ooze Arrow. Now Magnet Arrow Boof BANG everything magnetic got stuck to brick. Brick was still powerful until Green Arrow spotted a wrecking ball.  BANG Brick was out. At the end  Black Canary was not impressed because they almost got killed. But Green Arrow still  had one more arrow it was the got to go arrow. The End.

Task Description: This is my Comic Wrinting. To do this we had to watch a video about onomatopeia in our writing. After watching the video we retold the story ing our own words. We also had a checklist to see how we did. Hope you enjoyed reading.


  1. Malo Amelia. I enjoyed reading your comic writing and your template - it is very cool and I am going to share it with our pupils at Hornby Primary in Christchurch(I am principal). I see you would like to go to university and become a teacher - I think you would be a great teacher. Keep up the positive attitude and super effort!

    1. Kia ora Gary. Sorry for the late reply. Wow you are principal at Hornby Primary in Christchurch. I'm here in NZ (New Zealand) and it's great to hear that a principal from Christchurch! Yes I do want to become an teacher at a school thanks for the courage. I hope your pupils at Hornby Primary keeps working very hard! Thanks for stoping by hope you have a good time teaching.