Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Amelia Wanted Poster Activity - Template

                                                                           Walt: understand perceptions 

Task Description: This is my made up wanted poster of Egbert. To do this I had read a journal from a book called egbert and the princess. Then we had to do a wanted poster. After that we added all the information into the wanted poster.


  1. Hi Amelia, I really like your wanted poster for egbert the dragon and how you did a lot of writing even more then me and I like your reward is a free new expensive house and you put a lot of detail in your writing too. From you friend Naomi Keep on working hard Amelia.

  2. Hi Amelia,
    Great effort on including a lot of description in your wanted poster. You have really thought about how you can best describe Egbert so that he can be found. Keep up the amazing work!
    Miss Peck

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