Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Amelia Immersion Assembly

Walt: recount an event.
Have you ever studied superhero comic books like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spider man books in school? Well at Pt England school we are learning about fun comic books. Read on for more information.

The topic this term is about as i see it. The topic As I see it is all about art. Team 1’s item is all about the favorite things, There theme Favorite things relates to drawing art about there favorite things. Team 2’s item was about seasons. Each of their classes are doing Art about Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring. The other 2 teams were talking about doing art about waka’s and Architecture.

Team 4’s topic is about comic books. In comic books they tell their stories with art which is called sequential art. Back in the days they used to tell stories by using art. Part of what we are doing is making our own comic books. By using sequential art.

We will be doing a lot of learning about comics this term so, I hope we will be making comics about Wonder Woman because she is my favorite superhero character. I also want to make a animation about comics, so as learning more about sequential art.   
I’m looking forward for this term because even though I don't read comic books I’m still looking forward for this term. I hope it is going to be fun because I want to do animations about comics. I also want to make comics about Wonder Woman because she is my favorite character. 

This term is going to be really fun. I feel very excited to explore more about comics.

Task Description: We had Immersion Assembly and we had to write about it. In the writing Team 4 is learning about comics. Hope you enjoy it.

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