Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Insect vs spider!

 Walt: write narrative using descriptive language.

Once in a creepy Monday morning in a garden there lived an insect. It was called the Lady bug stinger. It is a very polite bug…. well sometimes. It is just like the bee and has a stinger! It likes to chill on bright colored flowers in the garden.

Moving on the the Lady bug stinger was just chilling on the bright coloured flowers until the spider caught its prey. The spider is called the Fraud striped spider. It is very viscous and always goes on shifts to find its prey. Well this is its day. The Lady bug stinger jumps from flower to flower without knowing the spider is following.

Suddenly it stops and turns around to look at the Fraud striped spider. The Fraud spider stands right in front of the Lady bug stinger. The Lady bug stinger tries to make itself look like a bodybuilder. It starts to make itself look like it is doing kungfu! The spider heart starts beating. The the insect makes a big sting on the spider's abdomen. With in a second the spider runs away with his fear of the Lady bug stinger. Never to be seen again.

Task Description: Here is a story that I made about my made up insect and spider. I had to create a story about the too of these viscous spiders. At the top I also made up my own poster about the story, and on it says Who will win? Which gives the reader of the story a hint of whats going to happen. I also had to choose a setting where my story is set so I chose the garden because that's where most bugs live in right? Anyways I finish this of by adding a interesting ending to my story. Hope you enjoy!

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