Saturday, 29 April 2017

Staying safe online: Be Cybersmart!

                         Walt: Stay safe online!
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Be cyber smart!

Hello viewers today i'm going to be talking about staying safe online. Staying safe online is a big job for people who have different devices around there house! This also goes for the kids who are part of the manaiakalani program. PARENTS ATTENTION PLEASE!!! If you are nervous and don't want your kids going on bad stuff please take my advice! When you are on google there might be a wheel or a word that says settings click that. Then it says turn on safe on search that will help goggle avoid or put aside all the things that you would not like your children to be going on. If your kids have an email remember to give your child lessons on what to do. Example: If your kids see's an dirty email or is something you do not like just simply tell them to drag the email into trash or spam! If you want to test how safe are you online please click this link and will help you do the right things on your device: Link. It will help you and your kids stay safe online whenever you are on a device!

Thanks for reading this blog post I hope you have learnt a few things about being cyber smart and remember.................. Be CYBER SMART!

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