Friday, 14 April 2017

Pollution - Help save the environment!

Walt: Gather information about protecting our environment.

Task Description: Happy Holidays and welcome to my 1st blog post for this holiday. I will be blogging so stay tuned! This is a presentation I made by myself. It is part of the Te Taiao o Tamaki theme. Just to let you know I did this by myself this is not school work. People around the world have been struggling with pollution. So I decided to make this presentation about it. I also want people to be environmentally friendly so we can stop each other from polluting our areas. Enjoy!  


  1. Wow Amelia that is a great blog post I really like the images you put on your presentation. Some of the words I did not understand maybe you could read over and then you will find that some you don't even know what its talking about. Do you have any other ways to stop Pollution?


    1. Thanks Bethan for your reply, Wishing you a Happy holiday! See ya next term.