Thursday, 27 April 2017

Amelia - Will it Sink or Float?

Walt: Explain things that will sink or float.

Task Description: Today I made a presentation that was part of the team 4 blogging challenge. This has been set up by Mr Goodwin for kids who wanted work for the holidays. It was one of the most hardest presentations that I had to do not kidding. Anyways to do this I had to read a lot about Buoyancy. I had to read what makes a ship float and how it connects to other things. Then I had to make a presentation to see what things in my household (THAT MY MUM SAYS IS OKAY TO WET) to test if it would sink or float. I tested several things from Balloons to toilet paper! Then I wrapped it all up by talking about my results! Thanks for reading!

By Amelia  


  1. wow what a great presentation Amelia

    I really like you added a photo of you putting in your Jandal. I liked that you got most of them right. Have you ever seen floating water in space?


  2. I'm really impressed Amelia

    I really liked the photo's and that was great and the detail in your writing. Keep putting great detail in your work.

    Thanks for sharing
    Love ya,