Saturday, 15 April 2017

Holiday Blog comments! Part 2

Description: Since I got a lot of comments on my previous blog post about holiday blog comments I decided to do part 2! I love blog commenting it helps other people encourage them to blog more! I've tracked down 3 amazing bloggers again who've been working hard this holiday! Especially Hinerangi and Bethan. A big thanks to Paikea, Bethan, Hinerangi and Jahzara!

Jahzara's blog 


  1. Wow You made another one i did no think you would. I thought it would just be 1. but then again who cares and why do i need to question your decisions


  2. Hi Amelia,
    How has your holidays been going? I like your blog comments they are short but meaningful. hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and I look forward to reading your daily blog posts.

  3. Hey Amelia!!!
    Hinerangi was just telling me how amazing your post's have been and how creative you are with your post's. I was really liking this post because my sister Hinerangi was telling me so much about it that my cousin's even know about. I also wanted to comment on here because as everybody knows that you came 2nd for blogging in the holiday's. Feel free to comment on my sisters blog!!!