Friday, 7 April 2017

Paidea Seminar discussion!

Maori Tribe photo

Yesterday the whole of the Yr 5&6 extension group had a big discussion about pollution. But before I head straight to that I will be talking about the Yr 5&6 extension group and how it all begin. I am one of the people who were chosen to be in the Yr 5&6 extension group. At the moment me have been learning pollution and how it affects people. During the term how we were learning about pollution we got to choose our own group which talks about the perspective on why we should care about these people or animals. The group names were the Caretakers, Birds/eels, Children, Maori tribe and the Conservationist. I chose the Maori tribe along with 3 others. Why did I chose the Maori tribe? I chose the Maori tribe because I like looking at the way of pollution by a cultural perspective. After all that we begin studying about our groups. I had to study the way the cultural people work with there rubbish but the point of view I'm looking at mostly are how are the Maori people super connected to the land. After finishing the research we begin our big discussion. So yesterday the extension group had a big argument about pollution of there point of view. The rules were every time you talk about something by your perspective you have get to eat one candy. So the argument started of by the Bird/Eels perspective and went one and on. But one thing was that the teachers had to kind of back off because there not the ones talking we are. So the discussion went on and on until all lollies were gone! I got to talk about how pollution is affected by the cultural perspective. I really enjoyed the big discussion.       

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