Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey Wk1 D2 Bounus Activity Tokyo Olympics 2020 logo

This is my own logo for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. I made this logo using a site called Design Mantic to make my logo. The three images on the right represents one of the most known Running, Cycling and Swimming.


  1. Looks cool Amelia! I like how it looks like an arrow!

    1. Thanks Mr Goodwin! This is one of my favorite activitys so far and i'm enjoying it.

  2. Hi Amelia (and Mr Goodwin)!

    This is a great logo. I also love the colours that you have chosen and the way that you have combined the pictures (graphics) with the words. It does look a lot like an arrow. Great work:)

    I am also really happy to know that you enjoyed this activity. There are some other more creative activities later in the programme. If you like writing poems, you could check out Day 3, Bonus activity or if you like taking pictures you could check out Day 3, Activity #1.

    Keep up the great work, Amelia!

    Cheers, Rachel