Thursday, 28 July 2016

Amelia If I was an Olympic athlete Rio 2016

Walt: use a plan when writing.
The time has come I have been training for 4 nervous ruff and tuff years . Have you trained your hardest? I am determined to win a gold medal with pride. Here I am standing ready to compete in the Hurdles representing NZ after all my hard work for the 2016 Rio Olympics!

The sport that I will be competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics is the famous Hurdles. Hurdles is the sport that I want to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the reason why I am competing in this interesting event is because Hurdles is a game I like to play at home with my family members. In the Olympics hurdles is an running competition but without running in circles, and well you run you have to jump over high hurdles to make it to the finish line (Hurdles are kind of like fences). I have trained a lot for this famous sport and now it's going to pay off!

This year I will be representing New Zealand in the Rio Olympics. The thing that makes me want to represent New Zealand my home country is because I was born and raised here, but because I chose this is because I know a lot of thing about my home country and that most of my family members are here. I also belong to a different country but I kind of know alot about it instead I will be representing New Zealand for most of my family members.

I think if I was competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics it would be like “OH MY GOSH I’m here right now”. But if I was actually competing in the  2016 Rio Olympics I would be GOBSMACKED, PROUD, JAW DROPPING and nervous. What about you? What would it be like if you were at the Olympics? if you were going to actually compete in this big event. I would be proud If I was actually competing in the big event it would be AMAZING!

Going to the the Olympics would be very exciting but I can’t afford that much money because it is too expensive! What are your thoughts for this BIG challenging event? My thoughts are is that the Olympics is that it is very cool you get to see winners and supportive people so these are my thoughts.

Task Description: "Yay! back to school day and ready to work". Here is my first blogpost for Term 3. Since the Olympics in Rio (Brazil) we have an activity about if I was an olympic athlete. I had to plan of what the structer of my story was. Then I put my 5 paragrahs and here it is complete. What do you think if you were an olympic athlete?

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