Friday, 27 February 2015

My swimming recount

L.O: To write an effective recount 
L.O: To write effective sentences using interesting beginnings 

Last week on Friday the whole class went swimming we were all excited so as me I was so excited because I get to meet my new instructor.

When I jumped out of the pool and I felt soggy and cold it was great to meet my instructor. 

I was so graceful to meet my new instructor. 

 Last week on a Sunny Friday room 11 and room 12 went swimming for the 2nd to last day.At the pools we had 3 instructors their names were Allen Aleues and leon.They teached us how to do others kind of swimming lessons well we were doing our swimming lessons i keeped on gasping for breath but I had to do my streemline and my head down I was so nervous.The 2nd time I swam I was kicking furiously .After doing our swimming lessons. We played games and races.I did some I did a lot of diving and doggy paddle half way and back. After that we got high fives from our coaches before we hop out of the pool.After that we all walked back to school.I loved swimming because it was so fun.

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