Thursday, 17 November 2016

Motat - Crazy adventure

Walt: write a narrative
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On there way to the toilet all the girls were chatter, chatter, chatter. “There it is the toilet”, says Mrs Moala in a lazy voice. All the girls ran, and Mia said, “I won’t be long it’s just a number one OKAY!”. “You better”, says Makayla. “Okay”, says Mia. After like about 40 seconds later Mia was still in the toilet, and everyone was out. “Mia I thought you were doing a number one”, says Makayla. “Sorry I might of did a number 2 or make it a 3”, says Mia. “Hurry up says Mrs Moala all else we will leave you. “Yea”, says the girls. Just then in 2 seconds she was out of the toilet. “Let's go all else were lost”, says Daisy. As the girls were walking they came back to there spot where the team was, and they all vanished.

If you liked this click this LINK to read the whole story.

Task Description: This is my narrative I wrote about Motat. The year 5's were on a trip well the year 6's were on a camping trip. My teacher was Mrs Moala because Mr Goodwin went to camp with the year 6's too. So here I wrote a narrative about my teacher, and my friends. (This story is not the real thing) Hope you all enjoy it!

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