Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Gingerbread man and the GIANT Whale

Walt: understand the features of narrative writing

Task Description: We a learning how to write a short story
with complex sentences.

Once there were 2 best friends that was a duck and donkey. The Donkey’s name was Harry. He had thick black hair, and coloured brown skin. The duck’s name was Riko, Riko had white fur and yellowed skin. They were best friends in the whole wide WORLD.

One day Harry and Riko were walking to to a creek. It was a Giant creek. Harry and Riko were walking and walking. Suddenly a boy appeared. Riko said, “Who’s that” With a frightened voice. It was the Bully called Gingerbread Man.
He always bullies them. Donkey said, “ HOW MANY TIME’s YOU'RE DOING THIS”.

Well they were walking the Gingerbread man was, “ANNOYING”. Said Riko Until………….. BOOOO SHSHSH. A Giant whale appeared Gingerbread man thought that the whale was friendly. So the Gingerbread man jumped onto the whale, but the whale swallowed him WHOLE. Just then Riko and Harry ran away from the

Gingerbread man was mad and stuck inside the whale for 4 weeks. Gingerbread man was thinking about why did he got swallowed, But he had one thing in his mind. He thought about what he had been doing to Riko and Harry. The Gingerbread man screamed, “ SORRY”. SHSHSHSHSHSHSH then he was washed up on the muddy creek.

Just then he saw Riko and Harry were at the creek walking around and feeling scared about Gingerbread man. Then He said sorry to Harry and Riko. Then they were BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! THE END.


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