Saturday, 30 September 2017

Holiday Blogging - How To Write A Quality Blog Comment!

Walt: Write a quality blog comment.
Task Description: Today for holiday blogging I have made a presentation about how to create a quality blog comment. Since it's the holidays lot's of people will be commenting back and forth. We need to keep our comments to a high standard so this is why I've made a presentation on how to write a quality blog comment. Just follow the 5 simple steps and you will be writing comments like a pro. I'd also like to thank Anthony even though he does not know for the photo example. Here is a link to his blog below. Anyways here is my blog post!

Anthony's Blog


  1. Hi Amelia
    I really like your presentation about Holiday blog comment. Did you learn this from anyone? Have you done this before? Will you be doing a lot of quality blog comments? I know i will. Keep up the good Work Amelia


  2. Kia Ora Amelia,
    Reading your blog post about how to write a quality blog comment really was great to see that you posted this up onto your incredible blog. I bet most people like me would be so proud of your amazing work. Did you enjoy writing this post to everyone out there? I know I enjoyed reading it. Keep blogging, keep commenting & keep up the awesome work Amelia!

    Yours sincerely