Tuesday, 19 December 2017

SLJ WK 1 Bonus Activity Waka Ama

For this Bonus Task I had to watch a Waka Ama race. After watching this video I have to write on my blog if I would like to participate in this sport or not. If would like to watch the video click this link.
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I would like to participate in Waka ama because I have never participated in sports including water (besides swimming) Looking at the video I felt like it took a lot of training and team work to complete the race. I also want to join Waka ama because I want to know how it felt when the settlers arrived in NZ. It was probably nerve wrecking. I would also like to participate in Waka ama because I have never done this sport before and I would like to see myself improve on how far I go and how fast I can paddle. Watching the video it looks quite challenging because we have to go in straight line! I think that would be challenging because I might go in circles. But yeah I would like to give Waka ama a try!


  1. Hey again Amelia, thanks for completing the Waka Ama bonus activity so thoroughly. I appreciate your honesty and how you have justified your opinions. I love your positive attitude and willingness to give it a go even though you say swimming is the only water sport you've tried. So well done!

    Do you play any other sports?

    Thanks, Billy

    1. Kia Ora Billy!

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog-post. This task was pretty easy for me to complete. I like giving things a go sometimes even though this sport includes hard work, training and lot's of team work, and YES I do play other sports like Netball and Touch which are on of my favors!


    2. Hey Amelia, that's great to hear. Giving things a go helps you discover what you are really interested in. What position do you play in netball? I play indoor netball quite a bit. Its tough!


  2. Morning Amelia

    Your work is fantastic, If you were ina Waka ama competition which team would you represent?