Monday, 18 December 2017

SLJ WK1 Activity 1/2 Arriving in Aotearoa (NZ)

Activity 1: The First Settlers - Welcome to my first Holiday Blog-Post! I am participating in SLJ
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For this activity we had to create read a short story about one of the famous men in Maori mythology (Maui) Here is my three facts that I had learned from the story and Maui. If you'd like to read the story yourself click this link.

First Fact: Based on the story I read about Maui and the Giant Fish, Maui was a brave man he did not listen to the comments his brothers made and he kept on moving on.

Second Fact: It is said in Polynesian Mythology that Ancient Polynesians used the stars to find a way to there destination. According to myths I read the navigators followed the stars that formed the shape of Maui's hook. In other legends and myths about Maui he used his hook to stop the sun from going fast and how he pulled the giant fish.

Last Fact: The story I read about Maui and the giant fish (Te ika a Maui) Sorry If I spelt that wrong! The giant fish that he pulled from the sea became the north island of our beautiful land New Zealand. That was what the Maori mythology said and what most Maori's believe.

I have also read a story that is famous in Maori mythology with is Maui and the sun. 
Activity 2: Setting Sail
Image result for waka olden daysIt must've been very braves of those who travelled to Aotearoa. So for this activity we had to imagine that we were on board on one of those waka's, and we have to write a letter to a friend about our trip to NZ! Here is my letter.


  1. Hi Amelia,

    I like your Summer Learning Journey blog post you have created. It's really interesting to read. Can't wait to see more! King Regards,


  2. Hey Amelia, my name is Billy from the Summer Learning Journey. Well done on a terrific start to the blogging summer. I think your letter is outstanding and I love the way you have presented it. The font you have chosen to use is clever, it almost seems like the handwriting from the actual time.
    Have you spent much time on a boat? What do you think the travels would have done if it was cloudy?

    Thanks, Billy

    1. Kia Ora Billy nice to meet you!

      Thanks for commenting on my blog post. The letter took a bit of time for me to finish. I had to try think about how it looked and think about the perspective of someone actually on a waka and mine. I have never had much time on a boat before but I have done sailing which was really awesome!


    2. Good morning Amelia, yes I love the water drop you have put on your letter too!

  3. Hi again, I have enjoyed reading your activity about Maui and the big fish. It was really interesting reading the facts you chose. I also really liked the fact about the fish as the North Island because when you look at the island it has a similar shape to a fish.

    I like the way you speak about Maui. He was brave. He had to be to stand up to his older brothers.

    Have you spent much time fishing?

    Thanks, Billy

  4. Hi Amelia

    My name is Sarah and I go to Glen Innes School.
    I love your work, you are so creative, and keep it up.