Monday, 25 April 2016

Amelia Cinderella re writen Part 2

Well Cindy was in bad tears the mice were trying to give her comfort. Just then someone was telling her “Stop crying my dear”. When Cindy heard that kind voice she stopped crying and saw a woman sitting next to her with a blue hoodie. Cindy said,”Who are you”. “I’m your Fairy Godmother”,she said. Cindy replied,”Oh well nice to meet you”. “You too”,said Fairy GodMother. Fairy GodMother said,”Now why are you crying”. Cindy said,”Well my mice friends made me a beautiful Pink dress know it’s torn apart into dirty rags because of my 2 evil step sisters”. Fairy GodMother said,”Oh Well I want you to go and find the biggest pumpkin and 7 of one of your mice friends”. “Here you go”, said Cindy. Fairy GodMother turned the Pumpkin that Cindy got into a horse carriage with her magic wand and magic words Bibbide-Bobbidi-Boo. Then she pointed her wand to the 7 mice and Bibbide-Bobbidi-Boo Gusgus became the the driver and the other 6 mices became beautiful white horses. Cindy was amazed. After that she looked at Cindy and said,”Oh we do not want you to look like that at the ball”. So she waved her wand at Cindy and said Bibbide-Bobbidi-Boo. Cinderella looked like a beautiful princess. Cindy said,”Oh thank you Fairy GodMother thank you”. “I’ve given you some beautiful glass slippers too”said Fairy GodMother. Fairy GodMother also said,“Know hurry you do not want to miss out all the fun also this is very important I need you to come back at 12 o'clock that's when the magic spell ends”. “Right” said Cindy. Then she went of to the ball. When Cindy got to the ball all eyes were on her. As she walked pass her Stepmother and stepsisters they did not recognize Cindy. As she got near Prince William he was amazed. Even the Queen and King was amazed the King said,”Know that what I call a princess”. Prince William immediately asks Cindy if they could dance Cindy excepted it. Her stepmother and evil sisters were jealous and mad. Cindy was really happy. Suddenly the she saw the clock it was almost 12 o’clock. Leaving Prince William standing she rushed down stairs and well she was rushing she did not know that one of her beautiful glass slippers were still on the stairs she kept on running. When the clock struck 12 o’clock her dress turned back into dirty rags the carriage turned back into a pumpkin and the mices turned back into their own selves. But Cindy and the mices kept running and made it back home. Prince William was way behind when he saw her glass slipper he had something in his mind. TO BE CONTINUED

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  1. Very cool retelling of this classic story Amelia, great job.