Saturday, 23 April 2016

Amelia Cinderella story re writen Part 1

Once upon a time there lived a mother with 2 girls name Lily and Grace. There was another girl name Cinderella or for short Cindy. Cindy’s dad had a wife but she died so he married again to Lily and Grace’s mother. After a few years Cindy’s dad died and all was left was a evil stepmother and to evil sisters. Cindy’s only friend was Gus gus and his mice friends. Cindy was very humble to her stepmother and evil sisters. One day there was a knock on the Door,”Knock Knock Knock”. Cindy opened the door and it was the may. He said,”This is a letter for your mother about the ball ”. “The BALL when is the ball”, said Cindy. The may replied and said,”All the information is in the letter”. Then he went off. Cindy took a little peek and saw that the ball was held by Prince William. It said he is looking for his Princess. Cindy’s evil stepmother was practicing singing with Lily and Grace. Cinderella’s stepmother said not to disturb her well she is working. So Cindy had to wait for 30 minutes for them to finish. Cindy finish off her chores. When they finished singing she handed the letter. Stepmother said,”Oh each and every girl has to come plus it’s tonight”. Stepmother was planning to not let Cindy go. Cindy was watching and stepmother said,”CHOP CHOP back to chores. On that night Cindy did not have a dress. Lily said,” Are you going to the ball”. Cindy replied,”No because I don't have a dress”. Stepmother Lily and grace smiled. Gus gus heard the bad news and told his friends to make Cindy a costume for the ball. Well Lily and Grace were dressing up they threw out a lot of materials and necklaces that they did not need. Gus gus saw the waste and took it to his mice friends to renew. They sang and sewed the dress the whole way. Until the big finishing touches. Gus gus ran to Cindy and walked Cindy to her room. As she took one step the light turned on the and the mices said,”SURPRISE”. “Oh it is WONDERFUL now I can go to the ball”, said Cindy. As stepmother Lily and Grace were going to walk out the door Cindy ran down stairs and said,”I can go to the ball now I’ve got a dress”. Lily and Grace were shocked. After that they started to rip her clothes apart and then go to the ball. All was left was pink dirty rags. Cindy was very very sad she ran outside to the bench and started to cry.         

                            WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? TO BE CONTINUED!

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