Tuesday, 12 April 2016

FiaFia Night

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

Did you come to watch our Pt England FiaFia event? Last week on Thursday Pt England school held a FiaFia event, FiaFia it was an amazing experience.

If you did not know FiaFia is when families gather around to watch their kids perform in their dance cultures. FiaFia was last week on Thursday the 7th of April,2016, It was held on the school field under a big markque, FiaFia used to be in the hall but not anymore. Thousands and thousands of people were welcomed to the big event.

The group that I was in was the the middle Hip Hop group. Which was a combination of Year 4 5’s and year 6’s. I had three choices to pick which group I should be in. Which was Tongan girls Hip Hop and kapa Haka. I got picked to be in the Hip Hop group. I choose the Hip Hop group because I always used to be in the Tongan girls and I didn't get to experience a lot of groups. We have been practicing for 6 weeks, and we pick up the dance really quickly. The songs were Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, Desert by Dawin and Jump around by snoop dogg.

My favorite group performance was hard to pick there were all amazing but my favorite one was the senior samoan group. The samoan group did a traditional song called Samoa e Maopoopo Mai. It was my favorite dance because it was calming and it had nice dance moves.

FiaFia was a great experience. I highly recommend you to come FiaFia because there’s a lot of fun stuff to do. I hope you come along on next year's FiaFia.

Task Description: This is my writing about Fiafia night. Did you go Fiafia. This is my 4 year of doing Fiafia. I'm am looking forward for 2017's Fiafia.



  1. Faka lofa lahi atu Amelia, I see that you had a great time at FiaFia. I really liked the senior Samoan group to but I missed out on your performance. But I think it was really good too.Were you nervous when you went up on stage?

  2. Kia ora Amelia I see you had a fantastic time at fiafia. I really liked the senior Samoan group to i was watching the whole thing to. I was really looking forward to your hip hop group was amazing to. Did you like watching the amazing fiafia dance's.