Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Walt: Write from the 1st person.

Have you ever been stuck on a mysterious island? As you can see the image at the top looks like someone needs desperate help! If you like to see the story of how I got stuck, But managed to use some technology of my own! Please check this link out!

Task Description: Today the Room 7 literacy got to write a story of there own on how they survived in a island. But as part of this term's topic focus (technology) in our writing we had to include the kinds of technology we used to make homes or even eat food. We also had to include good vocab in our writing so it could stand out! We then buddy checked our writing with another in order to make our writing more sense. We then created out own DLO that goes with our story. You can see mine's on the very top below my WALT. If you would like to read my story please click the link in my writing on top. Enjoy!


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