Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Travel Past vs Present!

Walt: think critically about what we read.
Task Description: For this task we are learning about how people have traveled changed through time. In order for me to understand this activity I had to read a text about sailing back in the days and try to make connections through it. In this activity it show's how me and Afu have the differences on traveling to a place. Example: I would use the plane and Afu would use like a waka to go to wherever he is voyaging to. I had to write about write about what kind vessel will I use for me and my family, How long will my journey will take, and what would I do during the trip. I had to write this down for each me and Afu on how it's going to be like. I think I learned lot's by reading just that reading but I will of course learn more from the others. Overall I think this was a great activity that I had done. Enjoy!

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