Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Now That's Thinking!

Walt: Use exciting language!


Stepping into the hall I heard bright music, instead the music I heard was about idea’s and thinking! Then I started to look around. There I see Mr Burt using like 3 or 4 netbooks. Wow! From there I sat down still amazed by all the chromebooks Mr Burt had and from there I knew that it is going to be an exciting assembly!

As I was sitting down I see Mr Burt standing in front of our new and extraordinary theme! Yes and it was called Now that's thinking! I started to think about what are the other teams doing that goes with our new topic? We started off with a CRAZY story about Pt England and how they developed different kinds of netbooks. Teams 1-3 were all focusing on the same creative topic with kites, each team had their own movie to represent why there making interesting kites. Well Team 5’s topic was a Bob the builder theme. They were looking at fixing things around there area as we saw from there funny act!

Finally Team 4 my fabulous team are focusing on What kinds of technology the maori used before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand? It kinds of sounds boring to some people but it actually sounds cool and interesting to me! Our movie was kind of like a discussion that our teachers had and came up with hilarious idea’s. They talked about technology in the past like how one of their old phones could not even text! Which was really boring! But they finally came up with one idea after their creative discussion.

As part of Team 4’s topic I am hoping that we actually get to create the things that the maori used as technolgy. I have learnt only a little about the waka’s but I would really love to learn more. I also hope I get to learn about what the other teams are doing, especially the kites!

Overall I think that it is going to be a FANTASTIC term! Thinking about the new term topic makes me think more creatively into things! I also think that  team 4 are going to have so much fun learning about What kinds of technology the maori used before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand? I also can’t wait to see Teams 1 - 3’s amazing kite and the new things Team 5 will be doing to their block, I can’t wait for this extraordinary term.

Task Description: Finally the holidays have ended and we have started off with an fresh start. This terms topic for Pt England school is "Now thats Thinking". Here is my writing I have done. I structured it by talking about every bit well most of the bits that happened. Well team 4 is learning about What kinds of technology did the Maori use before pakeha arrived in New Zealand. I checked my writing carefully to help it stand out! Then I added shots from the day and added them to my writing. I hope you enjoy my piece of writing. Please visit my blog to find out more about Team 4's topic for the term! 


  1. Wow Amelia your really good at your blogging so keep it up. Also have a great day.
    By Trendy

  2. Hi Ameila,
    Wow I really liked your story about the Term 2 Immersion assembly. It was really cool and interesting. I really enjoyed it and I liked how it was like so big because that meant you worked hard. Keep up the great work Amelia.

  3. Hi Amelia,

    What an amazing story about Term 2's topic and what everyone is learning about in there own time. I really enjoyed reading your story because it hooked me into reading more and was interesting well as amazing. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    Your Friend