Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Holiday Blogging - Stick Figures! (Task 3)

Walt: Draw Stick Figures.
For today's Team 4 blogging challenge we are learning about Stick Figures. A Stick Figure is a very simple drawing of and person and an animal. Stick Figures a five straight lines and four curved lines. So it has a few lines, curves and dots. On this photo above I drew nine Stick figures. I drew some Stick Figures doing Sport, Running, Doing the splits and a few more. One of the tips I used was for the legs. When drawing a Stick Figure you always need to make your legs a little bit longer because it is actually how us humans look like our legs are a little but longer then our body. But don't make it too long all else it will just look weird. Another tip I used was for the face. You can make your face a circle or another shape. But you should use a Oval as your face. Why..Well that's how us humans face looks like an Oval. Those were just some of the tips and tricks I used for the Stick Figures.

Task Description: This is the 3rd task for our Team 4 Holiday Blogging challenge. I had to read a text on Wikipedia about Stick Figures. I then watched a video on how to draw a Stick Figure and tips and tricks on it. I then practiced a little bit on different actions on a Stick Figure. I then drew nine Stick Figures. I also had to share the tips I used to create the Stick Figures so other people can try!

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