Saturday, 7 October 2017

Holiday Blogging - Team 4 Logo (Task 5)

Walt: Create a logo
This is my logo I have designed for the Team 4 Holiday Blogging Challenge! I've decided to keep the logo nice and simple, instead of crazy colours everywhere! For the font I just kept it red because it is the colour of our school. As you can see I have put the word Team 4 Holiday Blogging. Below it I have added Learn, Create and Share! I have put that there because it explains what we do in the blogging challenge. For Example: We learn new things in the holiday's and reading articles. Create means us kids creating presentations and fun things like this task how we are creating a logo. The last word Share is all about sharing our creativity and learning that we have done to the whole world! I've also I have also included four images is spice it up a little bit so it's not just boring plain! I think that this is a good logo for the Team 4 Blogging Challenge because it's nice and simple. It also is very easy to read represents team 4 and the school also very well! I think that this will be a great logo for the Team 4 Holiday Blogging challenge!!

Task Description: Today for Task 5 of Team 4 Holiday Blogging we are creating a logo for the Team 4 Holiday Blogging Challenge. We are doing this task because the Team 4 Holiday Blogging Challenge NEEDS a LOGO! If we have a logo then we can have badges on our blogs. If the Teachers like our design then they might actually turn them into a actual logo. After making the logo we had to write a description on about the logo and why is it a good one. This is my logo I have created. I hope you like it!

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  1. Kia ora Amelia ,

    I think that your logo is amazing.I really like how simple it is and how it looks.I also think that yours is going to get picked for the team 4 holiday blogging logo.

    From - Leilani