Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Walt: Write measurable goals to help us achieve more
Task Description: For this task Room 1 Literacy were instructed to write down our Goals towards our work. Before we did that we talked about the different stages that there are when it comes to learning. Hot Camp - Workers who try hard every day and get there work done.
Warm Camp - Kids who try very hard sometimes but then become slack.
Cold Camp - Kids who don't really listen and are late on there work.
Those were the three stages we talked about. We then had to think about which camp that we belong to right now (I was in the warm camp) and take that information and put it into our goals, and this is what I have made.

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  1. Those are some great goals, Amelia. Just imagine how good you'll feel if you manage to finish all your work on time (and in the best way you can). You will feel awesome!! And...you will also have time to do other interesting activities and learning. Good luck as you endeavour to be the BEST you, you can be!