Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My fun camp experience

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

Last week the whole of the year 5&6’s had camp. I have never been on camp at the school field so it was my first time at camp. Have you ever been on camp? I was a year 5 this year which means I get to have camp again.

I really wanted to go camp because I did not want to miss out all the fun. Well we were camping I got to know kids that I didn't know in the year 6’s. We got splitted into 5 teams they were Kind’a Krazy, Kind Legends, Kind Krew, Kind Kings and Kind Krushers. In our teams the theme is about making Kindness go viral. You get to camp for 2 sleeps and 3 days. But we did not sleep in our tent at camp on the 2nd day because we got evacuated from the hard wind and storm. Camp happens every year in Term 1.

My 1st favorite activity at camp was Top town the secret name for Top Town is Killer Zone. I liked Top town because it was very interesting. When we got to the ski’s it was very hard sometimes we couldn't keep in time. So we kept on yelling,” Left Right Left Right”. To keep up in time. It was Kind’a Krazys VS Kindonators my team was Kind’a Krazys. We lost but Mr Jacobson said we both won.

My second favorite day was the concert. It was funny all families and whanau’s were welcomed. We all got picked to do songs. Kind’a Krazys song was Can’t touch this but we sneaked in two more songs to make it COOL!. At last we came 3rd for best dancing.

Camp was such a exciting experience. I highly recommend that you should go camp because it is fun and exciting. I think of camp that it is very very fun. Because it gives me new funny happy memory’s.

Task Description: This is my writing about my camp experience. Camp was very fun I highly recomend for you to come camp. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Kia Ora Amelia, seems like you have had a great experience on camp. I enjoyed the Top town game to. Did you like camp cooking with Mrs Garden?
    I liked reading your camp experience writing.