Saturday, 10 December 2016

Amelia Washing Powder experiment report

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 Rm 10 decided to experiment if Persil washes whiter. So we decided to test out if Persil actually washes whiter. Well to do this we used 3 white singlets and we had 3 volunteers who made the 3 singlets dirty outside. Then used 3 buckets with water in it. After that we washed the 3 singlets using water, Supreme washing powder and last of all Persil. So we washed all the singlets and the end results were pretty cool, and of course Persil actually washed the whiter but still had dirt because we washed it only for 1 min in a bucket of water. 

Task Description: As part of our topic ch ch ch ch changes we did an experiment that Mr Goodwin promised we would do. We were writing out our forms to which one will wash whiter I picked Persil which a lot of us did, but not that  much people went for Supreme. If you want to you want to see my report please click this LINK. Hope you enjoy.

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