Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Holiday Blogging - Summer Learning Journey Bonus Activity

Dear Rachel when I tried to paste my words in Wordle it did not work so instead I used this site called Word Cloud for Kids! . Hope you don't mind!
Bonus Activity
Make a word poem called a ‘wordle’ using your packing list (i.e. the list of of things you are taking with you on your trip). To make a wordle you need to go to the Wordle website []. Enter the words for all of your items into the box provided and click ‘Go.’ The website will create a wordle for you. Save the wordle and then post it on your blog.
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Wordle site screenshot.png

Bonus Blog = 4 points
Here is a Bonus Activity from the Summer Learning Journey!
Here I have made a Word cloud which is listed with all the things I need to go to Australia. I could not use Wordle because it was not working. So instead I used Word Cloud for Kids!.

Here it is


  1. Good Morning Amelia,

    Thanks for replying to my first comment, it made my morning!

    I'm sure Rachel won't mind you changing how you did it, in fact, it's really cool that you went out of your way to find another way to do it too! So you should be really proud of that. It shows you are a great problem solver.

    Keep up the fantastic work!


  2. Good Afternoon Mark,thanks for the wonderful comment. Yea it was kind of hard finding another website to use. Just to let you know I'm not available on Sundays because I have church. Anyways thanks!