Monday, 19 December 2016

Holiday Blogging - Summer Learning Journey W1 D1 A1/A2

Week 1: Ready, Steady…Go!
World - expanded.png
Day 1 – Choosing a destination
The world is a very big and very cool place. There are currently 196 countries and approximately 7.1 billion people living on earth. For this project we are going to focus on just 10 countries across 6 continents – Canada (North America), Mexico (Central America), Chile (South America), England (Europe), Germany (Europe), South Africa (Africa), United Arab Emirates (Middle East), Japan (Asia), Malaysia (South-East Asia), and Australia (Australasia).
Please click on the World Map tab on the main menu. It will bring you to a big map. One by one click on the names of the countries and ready the ‘Quick Facts’ about each place.

Activity 1
After you have read the quick facts about each place you must choose ONE country that you would like to ‘visit.’ On your blog post the name of the country and tell us why you have chosen to visit it. Please give, at least, two reasons for choosing the country.

Activity 2
On Google, research the country that you have chosen to visit and write, in your own words, three interesting facts about that country. They must be facts that weren’t already provided on the World Map.

The country that I chose which is where I really want to go to is Australia. Here are 2 two reasons why I chose Australia.
1. Australia is like one of my favorite countries that me and my family would like to go to it’s amazing.

2. My second reason why I chose Australia is because all of the amazing animals like kangaroos, koalas and more.

Here are 3 facts about Australia:

1. Did you know that Australia is the worlds 6th largest country.
2. Another fact is that the name "Australia" is from the Latin word "austrails", meaning southern
3. Fact number 3 is Australia has a range of dangerous snakes like Brown snake, Tiger snake and Taipan.

Task Description: It is finally a new fresh start to the Holidays and school has come to an end for 2016. Well I am still blogging as you can see I am doing the Summer learning Journey which is an amazing site that I can blog on. The last time I did this it was called Winter Learning Journey. As you can see we are learning about countries. Here I had to pick 1 country, and write 2 reasons why I chose that country, and 3 facts about it. Thanks for reading.


  1. Kia ora Amelia!

    I'm Mark - One of the teachers working on the Summer Learning Journey! It is awesome you chose Australia because I once lived there for 9 months!

    It is funny you mentioned the Brown Snake in your facts because one day I was at my Aunties house and we saw one in her garden! It was so scary! Did you know they have special animal control people that handle all the dangerous snakes? So we called them and were told to stay inside until they came and found it (it had slithered under the house!) It took ages to catch it, but they got it and then took it out far away to another bush and left it out there. Pretty cool eh?

    Have you heard about drop bears? Australians like to tease tourists and tell them there are scary Koala's that hide among normal Koalas and drop on you in a ferocious attack! Luckily it's only a joke (plus there are so many dangerous animals there, why would they make another one??) Long story short, don't believe them. They're pulling your leg.

    I hope you're having a wonderful holiday and look forward to reading more stuff about Australia soon! It looks like you're an amazing writer so keep up the fantastic work!

    Kia kaha!


  2. Kia ora Mark,

    Thanks for the comment. Oh how I wish that I was in Australia your so lucky that you got to live there for 9 months. That was a funny story of yours of the Brown snake. If I were you would've stayed inside the house for the whole day because I will be really scared. As I was reading your comment I searched up drop bears and I freaked out a little. I showed my sister then she said,"NEVER EVER TYPE THAT UP AGAIN!". Thanks for stopping by and commenting.