Saturday, 4 February 2017

Ambassadors meeting!

Ambassadors 2017!

Hey Everyone! If you don't know I had to write an application if I had wanted to become an ambassadors for Pt England school this year. If you would like to see my application last year for the roll to become an ambassador check it out here. So then a few days later I had received an e-mail from the Mrs Burt ( Who's teacher for ambassadors ) saying congratulations that I've become an ambassador for Pt England School in 2017. So after all my excitement I couldn't wait to see her next year. So then on Tuesday we met and then we had to say our mihi that was given to us over the holidays to learn. But only 4 of the girls including me managed to learn it. After letting Mr Burt hear us say our mihi he decided to choose me as the leader of the amazing ambassadors. I was so surprised and I couldn't wait to lead the mihi for this year!     


  1. Congratulations On Becoming an ambassador Amelia . Responsibilities of being a " Leader " or " Ambassador " are pretty great . Enjoy The Experience .

    1. Hey L.J.!

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. I just had my first visitor session yesterday and it was great! It's a pretty tough job of being a ambassador and it also takes a lot of responsibility of being.

      Heading over to your blog again.

      Thanks, Amelia.