Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Newspaper towers!

Walt: write a recount about our experience
My group
Whole class

Has anyone ever done constructing in the classroom? Well Room 7 has. We were constructing newspapers. It was pretty weird.

Anyways when my teacher said that we are going to be constructing this morning I was so surprised. I tried to have a little conversation to my friends but they were so excited, and at that time I was so excited. Our teacher also said that it was going to be a challenge of constructing newspaper, and that the tallest tower wins a prize. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

So then after all the excitement was done we started off by using a bit of paper and a pencil that our teacher gave us so that we can plan our tower. Some of us disagreed and some of us agreed with each others. One of my teammates Daisy made up a great idea for the bottom bit so that it is well supported to make our tower great, and as we were planning we kind of struggled but still managed to come up with something. It was a bit crazy.  

After the crazy plan Mr Goodwin gave us our seven big bits newspapers and our long bit of tape. He also said if you can’t give a good explanation to him about needing more tape you will be in big trouble with your newspaper tower. “3.. 2.. 1… go”, said Mr Goodwin. I was so nervous but at the same time ready to see how our tower will end up being like. We came up with a base for the tower by dividing the newspaper, and then forming it into the then we started planning as we go on how to make our tower tall enough to win.

It was so noisy that the more noise it became the more others got really worried. I was so complicated. Mr Goodwin gave us 2 more mins to fix up all the bad stuff. One of the bad things about our tower is that it did not stand at all. So as I started to look around I was getting more nervous and nervous. So then the time came who were the winners. Only one team had their tower standing and there prize was glory! Next time I would work in a team but try and get people with great idea’s to help our team work hard.

Task Description: Yesterday my literacy class did a challenge where we had to make the tallest tower, and whoever wins they get a prize. It was fun, noisy and frustrating. It was so hard to keep my groups tower standing so that we can win a prize. But too bad we did not win but my team did not win. One of the other groups won and there prize was glory!  

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