Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Lame Race!

Walt: Write a recount

Have you been on an lame run experience? Well my literacy class has. Just to let you know this was going to be lame after that exciting but then it turned out to be lame!

It was just a peaceful normal day until Mr Goodwin said, ”Hey class chromebooks away on a desk, and line up outside with your shoes on”. As we went to line up I was wondering what we were doing but the only clue Mr Goodwin gave us that it was going to be lame. I was so bored and tired that I almost just sat down on the mat, and then I become OTL (Only the Lonely).

After that I was ready and waiting for two of my classmates who were holding up the class I shook my head so that I could abandon my laziness and get ready for whatever was going to happen. Once again Mr Goodwin warned us that this is going to be lame. Which was very obvious to me because of my facials. As we were walking to wherever we were going I had thoughts in my head like what will happen, am I going to get a growling, or are we just going to sit down.

As we were walking I had a feeling that our destination was going to be the field. Suddenly it was! I started to feel kind of happy then I got even more happy then I started to fiddle around but then my friend Daisy said,”Shhhhhh”. So then I stopped. Then we stopped and lined up against the gold post. Our instructions were to run to the other gold post and back.”Go”, Mr Goodwin said with a surprisingly booming voice. I felt like I was doing a 1000 meter run. I almost fell to the grass. As my friend calls me the class clown, but I felt stink and crazy at the same time.

Finally we finished the terrifying 1000 meter run. The whole class puffed. Even I was puffing like a dog. It was tiring. Then after the tiring run I was exhausted. Then we all went for a drink. As we were lining up the the drinks the whole line only used one tap cause the other was Hernandez. Overall this was the most lame run I’ve ever had!

Task Description: Today we had to write a recount about an experience. Our experience was about a lame race. I wrote a lot about my feelings in the recount. This is my second time writing a recount. I was actually a pretty lame experience!   



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