Friday, 17 March 2017

Amelia Bike Saftey

Walt: Present information in a interesting way.


Who has rode on a and on a awesome bike track before? Well I have. Well you better read more to find out what happens!

So Mr Goodwin chose 5 kids from his Literacy class including me to have a bit of a lesson with our new bike track/Bikes at our school! So we had a little talk then we packed all our gear which was the, Tripod, The camera and the Go pro so as the iPad. Then we walked over to the shed were the bikes were. Well we were walking over to the shed I was holding the iPad so I can look at my reflection. I was so excited.

After that we sat down on the grass and started to have a little talk about things that can help us ride safely. One of the things that I actually did not know was that you have to wear shoes, and yes I mean closed shoes not sandals. One of the other things we talked about was our helmet. Your helmet is there for you to protect your brain, and it's not just there to protect you head from getting your head smash on the ground. It's there to protect your brain from concussions!

After all the bla, bla, bla we finally got to ride on the bike track! But before that we had to just learn a little about the breaks. After that it was the time of my life! I started riding and kind of had a little race with the others. I'm really competitive though. It was really fun!

Overall I really loved the bike track it was really cool. One thing guys make sure that when you are riding a bike leave enough space in the middle so that you don't crash like my friends did! By the way no line got hurt and no one cried but they did giggle a lot of times.


Task Description: Here as you can see I have a double blog post. At the top I have written a recount about riding on the bike track. But what I'm going to talk about mostly is this presentation right here! Can you you see? We I was lucky enough to ride on the new school bike track with the new school bikes. In this presentation I talk about riding safely and at the end I give you little tips. I also used images to show you what I am talking about, and don't worry I have used image attribution on the last slide! Take care and when you ride a bike read my safety presentation!

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